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Carpet Water Damage in Isle of Palms SC

Seaside Restoration recently received a call for a home with water damage Isle of Palms SC. The property owners returned from vacation to find a squishing sound emitting when they walked across the living room carpet. Unfortunately, the carpet and one of the walls were saturated. Today, we share our response to the situation and how it turned out.

The Water Damage Isle of Palms Details


As we all came to find out, the cause of the problem was due to a burst pipe in the kitchen. Because this pipe transported water from the crawlspace to the kitchen sink and was routed through beside the living room, water went everywhere. 

On top of saturated carpets, several inches of standing water collected in the crawlspace. As unfortunate as situation was, the homeowners acted quickly and called us right away.  Even better, their homeowner’s insurance policy recommended Seaside Restoration as a preferred restoration services provider for water damage Isle of Palms SC.

Our Water Restoration Response

When we arrived at this water damage Isle of Palms SC job, we found and stopped the leak before inspecting the rest of the premises. Then, we got to work on drying the crawlspace with water removal pumps, blowers to circulate the air, and dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air.



The crew removed a significant portion of waterlogged carpet. Throughout the water damage Isle of Palms cleanup process, our team kept extensive documentation for the property owner’s insurance company. This proved to make all the difference in quick processing of the claims.

Seaside Restoration Helps Your Through Water Damage Isle of Palms GA

If your property has experienced flooding or water damage in Isle of Palms, South Carolina, give Seaside Restoration a call. We respond 24/7/365 to save your space and belongings. Our team is here to help!