Ladson, South Carolina

A Great Place to Live, Visit & Vacation

Exploring Ladson, South Carolina

South Carolina is famous for its incredible historic locations, world-class food, unique sites and wonderful southern hospitality. Ladson, SC is no exception to that, and it offers plenty for all residents and visitors to enjoy. Ladson is a safe, thriving community that is quite close to Charleston and all of its amazing sights and amenities.



It is home to 14,000 residents and is located on the crossing of three counties: south-western Berkeley County, northern Charleston County, and south-eastern Dorchester County. Every year, Ladson SC is a sight to a cross county fair that lasts for 10 days in October, bringing special attention and thousands of visitors to the city. Seaside restoration is proud to offer water restoration services in Ladson SC and surrounding areas.

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Unique Southern Culture

People from all backgrounds love Ladson, South Carolina for its unique mix of people and Southern culture. Many visitors travel to this area to experience the truly pleasant environment and taste some of the tastiest food the south has to offer. All of this makes Ladson an important stop on your southern trip. 

Proximity to Charleston

Charleston is one of the oldest cities in South Carolina, and its history reaches back to the Civil War. This makes it a rich source of historic sites and unique architecture. You’ll also have close access to modern amenities, beaches, and various entertainment options. Ladson is a lovely community in driving distance from this great southern city, making it a great place to live in. 

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Local attractions and sights

The city of Ladson might be a small community, but it is big on various entertainments and sights. Of the most notable ones is the Worlds Largest Sweet Tea, located in the northern Ladson.

If you find yourself in Ladson SC do not miss the opportunity to visit the famous Azalea Park and the Coastal Carolina Fair

Damage Restoration Ladson SC

When you have an emergency in Ladson SC, you need a restoration company you can count on. Seaside Restoration is always on call 24/7 to answer. We provide expert damage restoration Ladson SC services. Our compassionate technicians offer outstanding customer service to assist you during your time of need. Click below to learn more about our services:

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Water Removal Ladson SC

No matter the cause of water damage, Seaside Restoration is here to help. Our expert water removal services are made possible via water extraction pumps, vacuums, and mats to remove all moisture. Contact us today for a thorough inspection and accurate estimate.

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Water Damage Ladson SC

Water damage Ladson requires a quick response to salvage the space. Left unmitigated, water damage creates secondary damages such as structural instability and mold growth. Seaside Restoration offers water damage cleanup and water damage restoration to get you back in your home as soon as possible.

Flood Damage Charleston SC

Flood Damage Ladson SC

Did you know that flooding can happen even if there are not bodies of water nearby? Flood waters rise faster than you have time to react, affecting your Ladson SC property in the process. You also have to contend with bacteria and contaminants in the waters. Contact Seaside Restoration to secure flood damage Ladson SC cleanup services.

Mold Removal Charleston SC

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If you find mold in your Ladson SC home or business, you have a major problem on your hands. Not only is mold aesthetically unappealing, it can also trigger health concerns. Should you suspect that your Ladson SC home has mold, call Seaside Restoration immediately to schedule an inspection and begin mold removal and mold remediation.

Fire Damage Charleston SC

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A fire in your Ladson SC home or business can leave you wondering where to turn next. Seaside Restoration responds 24/7 to assist you with emergency fire damage cleanup and fire damage restoration. We are the most trusted fire damage company in the Ladson SC area for our expertise, equipment, and experience.