Goose Creek, SC

A Great Place to Live, Raise a Family and Visit

Exploring Goose Creek, South Carolina

Home to over 40,000 residents, Goose Creek SC was voted “The best city to raise kids in South Carolina” two times by Businessweek. To those living here, it comes as no surprise as the city strives to build a community that keeps growing with love and care, while maintaining its small-town character.


This South Carolina city is located just off Charleston and features stunning beaches and rich history. It makes an ideal place to settle in as you can be confident it is good environment for your children while retaining close proximity to everything else your heart could desire. Goose Creek SC is rich in Southern history and its people are known for their hospitality.

Southern culture Goose Creek

Unique Southern Culture

People from all walks of life appreciate South Carolina for its unique Southern culture. While Charleston is the touristic hotspot, Goose Creek SC provides the same charming and welcoming environment. Experience the food and friendliness of the South in its best form. 

A Historical Overview

Goose Creek was founded in 1961, but the history of the locale reaches further back into history. Back in the 17th century the Etiwan people moved into the area, building the southern plantations that populated Goose Creek. There, they hid among the settlers which were known as the “Goose Creek men”. Soon, the area became one of the forefronts for local trade.

History Goose Creek SC
Weather Goose Creek SC

Pleasant Weather

Goose Creek SC belongs to the same climate as Charleston which is known for its ideal year-round climate. It has one of the mildest winters in South Carolina with the average winter temperature not dropping below 50 degrees. Summers get hot, but it’s average temperature of 90 degrees, still making it cooler than most places in the state.

Nearby beaches

What makes Goose Creek great is that besides being a phenomenal family city, it is quite close to all the entertainment your heart desires. The city of Goose Creek is located just above Charleston. It is a pleasant drive to some of the state’s most popular beaches like Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, and Folly beach. These popular spots offer a wide range of family-owned restaurants, shopping spots and amenities like surfing.
Goose Creek SC nearby beaches

Goose Creek SC Restoration Services

water removal services Goose Creek SC

Water Removal Goose Creek SC

Standing water in your Goose Creek SC property can be a big problem. Even if it is just a few inches, this prompts the need for a professional intervention. Give Seaside Restorations a call for 24/7 water removal services. Our expert team will use water pumps, vacuums and water extraction mats to dry your home.

Water damage Goose Creek SC

Water Damage Goose Creek SC

Water damage in your Goose Creek home or business needs to be dealt with quickly. Water is known to cause continuous damage as long as it is present. Seaside Restoration offers 24/7 water damage cleanup and water damage restoration. Call us now to get your property to its original state.

Flood damage Goose Creek SC

Flood Damage Goose Creek SC

Flooding causes are varied. From bad weather to broken pipes, Goose Creek SC flood damage cleanup services will quickly deal with any sort of damage that may have occurred on your property. Seaside Restoration will respond 24/7 to your call. We do flood damage cleanup and restoration.

Mold removal services Goose Creek SC

Mold Removal Goose Creek SC

Mold can affect your throat, cause rashes and a variety of respiratory diseases. Young children, senior citizens and the immuno-compromised are especially sensitive. If you find mold, call your local Goose Creek SC professional mold removal service: Seaside Restoration.

Fire damage Goose Creek SC

Fire Damage Goose Creek SC

Fire damage is devastating. It can cause a lot of structural instabilities which need the attention of a professional team. Seaside Restoration is ready to respond 24/7 to provide fire damage cleanup and restoration services in your Goose Creek SC property. Call now.

Smoke damage Goose Creek SC

Smoke Damage Goose Creek SC

It isn’t only fire that does damage. Your Goose Creek SC property probably suffered both smoke and soot damages. Seaside Restoration team of experts will clean all the smoke damage and deodorize the space, as well as deal with soot infiltration. Your home will smell like new once again.