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Fire Damage Restoration in Charleston SC

Seaside Restoration offers experienced fire damage restoration services throughout Charleston SC to local property owners. Should you find yourself in need of fire damage Charleston restoration services, we have your back and respond 24/7. 

It is not unusual for there to be extensive water damages from the fire-fighting efforts, blown out windows from the blaze, and widespread smoke damage. Seaside Restoration starts every fire damage Charleston project with immediate water removal services and drying. Once dry, our fire cleanup team removes smoke and soot before deodorizing the area. 

Contact us now to schedule an assessment of your fire damage needs. We handle fire damage Charleston from emergency fire damage assessments through the fire damage restoration services process.

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Full-Service Fire Restoration in Charleston SC

Your property is a priority, which is why we restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition. When you need fire damage Charleston restoration services, Seaside Restoration is your trusted fire damage company. We have licensed and IICRC-certified technicians on standby with professional equipment. We provide full-service fire restoration services and smoke clean-up. Call us when you need us for the following services:

Building Stabalization
Commercial delivery
Salvage contents
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Schedule a Fire Damage Charleston Assessment

The Fire Damage Charleston Restoration Process

Once the property is safe to enter, we perform a fire damage assessment to assess the extent of damage. This helps with generating a scope of work, timeline, and an accurate assessment for the job.

Large quantities of water may have been used to extinguish the blaze. Left to sit, the water will cause further damage. Seaside Restoration has the expertise to provide water removal services and dry the area. Accelerated water extraction and drying saves your home or business from secondary damage.

Next, during fire damage cleanup, we remove damaged building materials and belongings before cleaning soot and smoke damage.

Smoke and soot will coat every accessible surface corroding materials and leaving behind a nuisance odor. Seaside Restoration’s fire damage restoration team uses industry leading smoke deodorization methods to salvage your home.

Charleston SC Smoke Damage Cleaning

The aftermath of fire damage Charleston includes the widespread smoke and soot that leave behind a dirty mess. Seaside Restoration eases the stress of this condition with our smoke soot cleaning and smoke damage restoration services.


Not only does our smoke damage cleaning team remove the corrosive, toxic smoke and soot, they also clean fire damage affected areas, deodorizing the structure room by room until no smoke odor remains. Our smoke deodorization technicians give special attention to porous materials that stain from smoke and soot before applying a sanitizing  antimicrobial treatment to prevent mold or bacteria.



Seaside Restoration works to ensure that the smoke damage restoration process goes smoothly and stays within budget. Our smoke soot cleanup services make your home habitable again.

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Your Charleston SC Fire Damage Company

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Due to the destructive nature of fire, it is highly recommended that you work with a trusted Charleston fire restoration company like Seaside Restoration. We guarantee to make the fire restoration process as quick and easy as we can, coordinating with your insurance adjuster each step of the way.

Our fire damage Charleston restoration experts are the best in the area. With accurate assessment and strict timelines, you’ll be amazed at the difference a professional fire damage company can make.  From start to finish, we work on your behalf.

Seaside Restoration’s fire damage restoration expertise and dedication to your satisfaction set us apart from every other fire damage company in Charleston.  Call Seaside Restoration for a fire damage clean up assessment today.