landscaping to prevent water damage

Landscaping Design to Avoid Water Damage Sangaree SC

landscaping to prevent water damage

Water damage Sangaree SC is an inevitable problem that will affect almost every single homeowner at one point or another. While you may be giving attention to all of the ways you could possibly waterproof your property, landscaping in an often overlooked element that can work wonders. Seaside Restoration is discussing various landscaping designs that can spare you the hassle of a water loss in Sangaree SC.

Does Landscaping Prevent Water Damage?

When a large amount of precipitation falls, the ground quickly saturates to the point that excess water runs off. As water flows downhill, anything that is within its path will get soaked.

How to Use Landscaping to Prevent Water Damage Sangaree:

You may already have some landscaping design in place. Or, your yard may be severely lacking in this area. No matter the case, it can be relatively easy to implement a few changes that help protect your home.

  • Slope the land away from the home at a minimum of 10 feet to allow for drainage of excess water.
  • Clear drainage ditches of debris and obstacles. Do the same for drainage vents or pipes.
  • Inspect gutters and downspouts for proper functioning. They should direct water away from the property. Clear out leaves, acorns, sticks, and other debris.
  • Trim trees and shrubs back from the home to avoid water draining from the plant down the side of the dwelling.
  • Slope the driveway away from the home.
  • Install channel drains around driveways and patios to reduce water buildup.
  • Grade the yard.

Give Your Landscaping a Little Love to Avoid Water Damage

While you already have plenty of things on your home to-do list, your landscaping should not be overlooked. This critical aspect of the property can be the difference between a major water loss and a safe, dry home. If water damage Sangaree SC strikes before you can fix your landscaping, call Seaside Restoration ASAP for water removal and water restoration. We respond 24/7/365 to mitigate water damage Sangaree.