effects of smoke damage

The Effects Of Smoke Damage After A Fire

Fires can cause a significant amount of damage on their own through burning building materials and impacting the structure of your home or business, which may leave it vulnerable to further damage and may require extensive restoration efforts to restore. However, the damages from a fire are not limited to burnt materials. Smoke damage can also require significant effort to repair and may be impossible to restore without the assistance of trained professionals with advanced equipment.

Smoke Damage Spreads

Smoke is made up of tiny, even microscopic particles of burnt materials. This smoke is carried by the hot air caused by the fire and can spread far beyond the fire-impacted area. Ducting and the natural layout of your building will allow the smoke to travel to every room of a building and, through simple contact, can leave your belongings damaged and in need of cleaning and potentially extensive restoration.


The longer smoke remains in contact with your belongings, the more damage can be done, so it is important that you contact a professional smoke damage cleaning and restoration company as soon as possible to limit the damages and get you back in your house or business property as soon as possible.

Smoke Cleaning Process

The smoke damage cleaning process is pretty straightforward but often requires specialized equipment and methods to ensure no further damage is done. At Seaside Restoration, our cleaning process consists of:


  • Clearing any soot and ash from the fire-damaged area. This process requires great attention to detail and patience, as using certain cleaning methods may lead to further damage that will be costly to address.
  • Removing all smoke-damaged materials, like clothing, furniture, tapestry, rugs, etc., so that we can clean each piece individually and do our best to salvage all of your belongings while clearing the property can better reach the internal smoke damage.
  • Utilizing a variety of smoke damage restoration equipment. Our team will use ozone generators, thermal foggers, dry ice blasting machines, and soot sponges, degreasing rags to carefully address the damages.
  • Clean up any remaining mess and return your belongings to your property, completing the smoke damage restoration process.

Smoke Odor Removal & Restoration

As we all know, smoke leaves a smell. If you have had the fortune never to have smelled a building damaged in a fire, the extent of the smoke odor can be overwhelming and, in many cases, may make the property uninhabitable until the odor has been removed and the building restored. Smoke odor penetrates any permeable materials, which include most building materials, including drywall, wood, and fabric.


To remove these odors without causing damage to the odor-carrying materials, our team will use ozone generators, dry ice-blasting machines, and thermal foggers to gently deodorize the affected areas. These techniques will help preserve your property’s structural integrity while helping to return the space to its pre-fire condition.

Smoke Damage Contents

As mentioned above, smoke will cause damage to any absorptive or permeable materials, which account for a good portion of building materials and personal belongings. Our team will work to identify any materials damaged by the smoke and then either address the damage on site or remove the materials for deeper cleaning at our off-site location.